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Maples Rep production of THE CHRISTMAS WITCH (one of the CHRISTMAS SHORTS)

CHRISTMAS SHORTS: 5 Merry Little Comedies

Published by Samuel French!

A wonderful alternative for theatres tired of mounting the traditional seasonal play, this naughty & nice evening of short holiday comedies humorously comments on family, the nativity, Xmas cards, and the sex lives of elves. Included: Going Home, The Christmas Witch, Xmas Cards, Nativity... and the Samuel French Festival award-winning play The Student!

2w, 2m or many more!

Production History:


Published by Samuel French and produced by theatres all over the country, CHRISTMAS SHORTS is quickly becoming a new holiday classic!




"A delightful holiday gift in a small package... A perfect little holiday diversion -- funny, entertaining and with just enough warmth of the holidays...  The collection has become popular with smaller regional theater companies looking for something different for a holiday show.  It's easy to see why."

San Jose Mercury News


"The script is loaded with low-key, sweet humor."

Las Vegas Review-Journal



Montreal Rover


"Funny and profane."

Wisconsin State Journal


"Funny and heartwarming."

Isthmus Daily Page


Four Stars! "Touching and inspiring... a favorite!"

Indianapolis Performing Arts Examiner


"My favorite piece [in Indiana's Phoenix Theatre's A Very Phoenix Xmas #6: Our Goose is Cooked] was The Student by Matt Hoverman. I was surprised to find myself weeping during it. This little two-hander is on both of my 'BEST OF 2011' lists."


"So what are this year's strongest shows [in City Theatre's Summer Shorts]? ... Clement as a writing professor and Durkin as his endearingly oddball student have perfect chemistry and timing in Matt Hoverman’s The Student."

Miami Herald  


"Five snorts (out of 5) for Matt Hoverman's The Student [in City Theatre's Summer Shorts]: I've run out of good things to say... makes you want to cry.  And laugh."

Miami Art Zine  


"Probably the funniest piece of the night [re: The Student in City Theatre's Summer Shorts]."

Florida Theater Onstage


"Matt Hoverman's short play The Student, the best piece at City Theatre's Summer Shorts Festival [is a] masterful comedy of homoerotic repression and twisted yuletide metaphor. The Student is a reminder that with such gifted acting, directing, and writing, minimalism is more than sufficient."

Miami New Times

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