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Matt Schneck (THE TEMPERAMENTALS) and Jessica Dickey (THE AMISH PROJECT) perform OLD FRIENDS in the Berkshire Playwrights Lab Gala Benefit at the Mahaiwe Theatre 

Various Short Plays

Quick and funny!

A handful of ten-minute comedies that'll snap, crackle and pop in any evening of shorts (or acting class)!


Contact Matt to read any of these!







a one-woman ten-minute play (1w)


In a difficult economy, while her out-of-work husband watches TV in the next room, June prepares to ask her new employer for more.



“...Haven’t we all had to talk to a boss about the salary we expect?  Matt Hoverman’s “The Negotiation” tackles that situation with a funny, clever and touching script.


Sure, it’s funny to watch June practice the call... but when she finally dials the phone... there’s a lump in our throats.


In the end, that roller-coaster of worry, need and frenetic vulnerability pays off as Hoverman mines a deeper truth about worth, esteem, and yes, even bravery...”  

The Journal News





A ten-minute holiday comedy (2m, 1w)


It’s Hannukah at a Jewish social services agency, and Grace - the non-Jewish aspiring actress who answers the phone - learns that she’s a star with all the men in the agency.


Watch a video of the SoHo Playhouse production of CHRISTMAS GRACE.





A ten-minute spooky comedy (2m, 1w)


Gary and Gertrude stand over the grave of their mother and try to figure out why they don’t feel anything.  Perhaps it’s because they killed her?


Watch a video of the SoHo Playhouse production of THE GIFT.





A ten-minute comedy (3m, 1w)


A period comedy about a lovestruck pair of hooligans whose upper class dreams end in a blaze of guns when one of them turns stool pigeon.





A one-act farce (3m, 1w)


Never park your girlfriend in a dressing room inhabited by character actors.





A ten-minute comedy (1m,1w)


A thirty-something romantic organizes her 17th high school reunion to reconnect with her high school sweetheart.  Is he everything she remembers?





A ten-minute comedy (2m, 1w)


The only thing stopping a couple from getting married is his inexplicable fear of jewelry.  Can they get this problem solved (and a ring on her finger) in the one therapy session paid for by their health insurance?



Heather Nicolson in Axial Theatre's production of  THE NEGOTIATION

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