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Raves for "smart, witty and very funny" WHO YOU SEE HERE at Martha's Vineyard Playhouse!

Martha's Vineyard Playhouse

I'm very proud of the Martha's Vineyard Playhouse production of my comedy WHO YOU SEE HERE (running Aug. 4th - Sept. 2nd). The cast is great and the audiences are loving it.

Here are some nice reviews:

"“Who You See Here” by Emmy-winning writer Matt Hoverman is a smart, witty, and very funny play that draws its humor from human foibles, modern life, and celebrity gossip culture. A series of coincidences along the way and a blow out of a finale give the play some elements of a farce, but it’s really in the one-liners, delivered with perfect timing by a terrific cast of four, that make this two-act play shine."

"A brisk, yet insightful new farce"

"Mr. Hoverman’s crisply comic, yet empathetic writing, and the strong cast directed by Jeanie Hackett, lift Who You See Here far above genre clichés."

The production was helmed by Jeanie Hackett, who recently directed LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT at the Geffen in LA (starring Alfred Molina and Jane Kaczmarek) and stars the wonderful Angela Goethals, Russell Soder, Mather Zickel and Kat Fairaway.

Play synopsis:

An uptight therapist and her recovering alcoholic husband find their lives upturned and their love tested when charismatic but disturbed movie star Tom Speck staggers into their small town’s AA meeting. Add a beautiful psychiatric patient with a stalking problem, and you’ve got WHO YOU SEE HERE - a farcical comedy by Emmy Award winner Matt Hoverman about anonymity, celebrity, and making the perfect salad.

Click here for tix/info.

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