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Holy Hot Rods! Matt's writing for BATWHEELS!

When I was a kid, I tied my mother's old purple sweater around my neck and tried to jump out the window, shouting, "Na na na na na na, I'm Batman!" Now I'm hoping to have the same kind of positive effect on pre-school children around the world, as I will be writing for the hit Warner Bros. BATWHEELS series for their 3rd season. It's a dream come true for two reasons: 1) I love Batman. And 2) I'm really excited to work once more with the man who first hired me at Disney (for SOFIA THE FIRST) and brought me out to LA... the princely Michael Stern, who created a terrific take on the Dark Knight for young-un's (the old-un's can enjoy too!) So buckle up, bat-friends - I just got loaned the keys to the Batmobile! (BATWHEELS airs on the Cartoon Network and streams on Max, or you can rent/buy it on Amazon Prime.)


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