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Theatre of NOTE stages reading of Matt's play THRILLSVILLE!

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This Sunday, March 8th at 12pm, LA's Theatre of NOTE will stage a reading of my comedy THRILLSVILLE.

Over two weeks, Theatre of NOTE is holding its Ink and Drink reading festival to hear the plays on the theatre's short list for their next season. All the plays in this series have been read and voted on by company members and have already received an "in-house" reading. These readings are a chance to hear the plays in front of an audience.

So come on down!

Location/Details: click here!

Theatre of NOTE is a democratic ensemble of L.A. theatre artists dedicated to creating high-caliber, original work that challenges both its ensemble and audiences.

THRILLSVILLE by Matt Hoverman

The only thing harder than family is finding a great apartment! Outrageous, adorable and developmentally disabled Patricia is 40 years old and living the good life. When funds run out for her ongoing care, her brother Chip steps in to help her establish a new life in a new home with new neighbors. She does not go quietly into that group home. A comic tale for anyone who loves an impossible sibling. This reading is curated by Phil Ward and features Victoria Yvonne Martinez, Stephen Laferriere, Tony DeCarlo, Faith Imafidon, Chloe Madriaga and Alex Elliott-Funk

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