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S3 of Fancy Nancy drops on Disney+!

Today is Disney+ Day - and Disney's doing something new... streaming our ENTIRE SEASON THREE of FANCY NANCY on Disney+ before it has even aired on the Disney Junior channel! That means you can now watch my most favoritist episode of kids TV I ever wrote - "Joie de Jonathan!"

In "Joie de Jonathan" (the second show in Season 3: Episode 6), Nancy's fancy boy cousin at first inspires the other kids by skipping flamboyantly down the runway in her fashion show - but then gets embarrassed by the way some of the other boys react to his fun, free, expressive movement. Of course, Nancy helps Jonathan regain his "joie de vivre" - and those other boys become his biggest cheerleaders. As Nancy sings, "joie de vivre" is about moving like you love who are!

I was one flamboyant little boy who certainly could have used hearing that a little more. So for all my fancy boy pals out there past, present and future... this one's for us!

(Jonathan is the star of our Fancy Nancy short "Nancy Plays Dress Up" - which received Disney Junior's first ever GLAAD Award nomination this past year.)

Season 3 also includes the return of Sean (Disney Junior's first character on the autism spectrum) in S3: E2 "Crochet It Isn't So!" and lots more fanciness - like the double-length series finale I co-wrote with the fantastique Andy Guerdat, in which Nancy finally gets to Paris!


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