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TOGETHER APART now EXTENDED on Broadway On Demand thru Aug 29th!

TOGETHER APART: 10 Mini-Musicals About One Life-Changing Year, the collaborative Zoom musical I co-wrote and co-produced with Lisa Loeb and over 100+ alumni from Brown University as a benefit of the Actors Fund (we raised over $30,000!), proved so popular it's now streaming for free on Broadway On Demand through August 20th! UPDATE: BY POPULAR DEMAND, WE'RE EXTENDED TO AUGUST 29TH! Order your free tickets at

And while you watch, please make a donation to the Actors Fund (to help all our wonderful performers who have been without work during this challenging quarantime.)

And hey, look at all this great press coverage:

“Encompassing the Black Lives Matter protests, AAPI hate crimes and even Q-Anon conspiracies, Together Apart depicts some of the most pivotal moments of 2020 in a heartfelt way, through fictional, yet very personal, anecdotes that allow for both reflection and healing.” - People Magazine

I wrote two of the mini-musicals:

IT'S OKAY, MOM! - with the fabulous Lisa Loeb, directed by the equally fabulous Margie Zohn and starring the brilliant JoBeth Williams, Josh Hamilton and his young daughter...

And RED STATE, BLUE STATE - with my beloved college musical co-writer (and now cancer doctor) Jules Cohen, directed by the wonderful Vivienne Benesch (artistic director of Playmakers Rep) and starring an amazing group of Trinity Rep actor/singers who graduated a decade or two after me - Rebecca Gibel, Claire Karpen, Charlie Thurston and Joe Wilson Jr. (with a little v/o help from my super-talented friends Melissa Greenspan and Michael Thomas Holmes).]


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