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Matt creates Disney's first princess with a disability!

My SOFIA THE FIRST episode THE LOST PYRAMID premieres tomorrow (Wed, May 16th, 2018) at 11:30am on the Disney Channel. I'm particularly proud of this one, as it features the debut of Disney's first-ever princess with a disability... Princess Cassandra!

Cassandra is an Indiana Jones-like "archeomagicalogist" (Yeah, I made that up) - a person who studies ancient magic - who also happens to be blind. (It was her early experience reading braille that led to a career where she can use her sensitive fingertips to translate the carved engravings in ancient pyramids and temples.) She leads Sofia and the Princess Adventure Club on a daring adventure into the depths of an ancient pyramid, and when the lights go out, she teaches them to employ their other senses to finish their quest and save the day.

My sister Carol (whose birthday happens to be today) has an intellectual disability, and I know how much she longs to see people with struggles, triumphs and senses of humor similar to her own represented in ALL the stories she watches so faithfully on TV.

When I signed on to write SOFIA, my goal was to create a princess that spoke to the disabled community. Disney princesses are brave, generous, resilient and beautiful. What could be a better fit?

Thanks to series creator Craig Gerber, story editor Michael G. Stern and all the rest on the SOFIA team for giving me the opportunity and support to make this dream a reality.

THE LOST PYRAMID airs as part of Sofia The First's "Big Royal Adventure Week." Trailer for the whole week here.

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