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Matt's bilingual musical "Disney Junior Dream Factory" premieres today at Disneyland Paris!

We were supposed to open in March 2020, but - thank goodness - after much delay - the bilingual musical I wrote for Disneyland Paris "Disney Junior Dream Factory" opens today! It's been an absolute labor of love with my collaborators - the fabulous Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal co-creating and translating into French, awesome Paul Chychota directing, magical Jonathan Barr musically directing, splendid Paul Nichols & Claire Salmon producing and four brilliantly-talented rotating casts - along with an amazing crew, team designers, sign language interpreters (who translate the show into French Sign Language on the weekends) and so many other magical folk who are bringing this special piece to life four times a day in Studio D - the theatre the park completely rebuilt for this show!

It's the first live show in Disneyland Paris post-pandemic, and its theme "Our dreams can come. true - if we help each other believe" seems to already be resonating with early audiences.

UPDATE 7/7/21:

Here is some official footage of the show, and if you look for "Disney Junior Dream Factory" on YouTube - you can already find many fan recordings of the whole show from the audience. From all reports, the show is a hit so far! A week in, it is already developing a fan base who see it again and again!


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